Willis Series 3 Star AC 1 Ton & 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner

Vitamin C releasing AC

Nestron’s high specifications involved inverter AC, tagged on with the pioneering Vimanic C filter makes you look and feel fresh at all times.
Air filled with Vitamin C, softens and moisturises the skin, reduces stress and has many more therapeutic benefits.


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Cool Care for the Skin
Reduces Skin Ailments
Protection Against Pollutants


* 5 yeas compressor warranty
2 years full warranty.

* 5 yeas compressor warranty
2 years full warranty.

Nestron ACs use

The R32 refrigerant in Nestron inverter air conditioner has the lowest value of global warming potential

100% Coper Condenser
Corrosion Resistant
L Shapped Wide Area Condensor
SUPREME COOLING POWER - Better humidity Control
Low power consumption - Innovative design

BRING HOME 2020 Best sorted Air conditioner

Inverter Technology

Nestron Inverter AC allows controlling the speed of the compressor motor
thereby bestowing the privilege to regulate the temperature continuously.

upto 50%
THAN NON - Inverter AC

Low Sound Operation
Temperature Regulation
Longer Life
Faster Cooling

The inverter air conditioner cools the room uniformly, guaranteeing absolute comfort to the users at all times.

IDU DIMENSION- 790*200270 mm
ODU DIMENSION- 900*220*291 mm
IDU net wt/ ODU net wt- 11.5/29 kg

Healthful Air Filters

Vitamin C Filter

Vimanic C filter makes you look and feel fresh at all times

Anti-Bacterial Filter

Keeps harmful bacteria away

Catechin Filter

Keeps harmful bacteria away

Silver ION Filter

Keeps harmful bacteria away

Active Carbon Filter

Filters out harmful microscopic particles

Cold Catalyst Filter

Filters out harmful microscopic particles

Ti O2 Filter

Filters out harmful microscopic particles


As the filters collect every unwanted particle from the air, it can get overloaded easily. So. threes a necessity to clean the air conditioner filters at regular intervals, probably once in a month.


Nestron AC comes with a reset filter indicator technology, where the user gets the alert sign(CL) to clean or change the filter. Without much complications or struggle, the filters could be cleaned within split-seconds and restored according to the instructions.


Nestron AC is fitted-out with revolutionary auto-clean feature where the clogged ice gets melted and other impurities removed automatically, making the cleaning operations effortless. Hence, the AC works best longer.

Cool in a minute

The rapid cooling technology cools down a room to a chilly 18° C within 60 seconds

Optimum temperature

Nestron Air conditioners have the default temperature set as 24°C in accordance with Bereau of Entry Efficiency. It is also an ideal temperature for a room and helps to save energy.

Pin drop silence

The noise control feature offers relief and comfort, thereby bestowing a quiet environment.

Hidden display

The hidden display makes use of smart technology to make sure the settings aren’t lit up. It is especially useful for those who love to sleep in complete darkness and are sensitive to lights.

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Sleep mode

The sleep mode on Nestron’s air conditioner is designed to give you better sleep by automatically adjusting the temperature at night according to your room’s temperature white you are asleep, saving energy and electricity bill.

Auto restart function

The automatic restart feature ensures that the air conditioner restarts and resumes operating in case of a power failure.

Fast and reliable support

Customer Service

18008437711(Toll Free)